MX5 customization

A: In MX5, a lot of the features are customizable. For example, UI elements like favorites bar, status bar and proxy button, mouse gestures and extensions. You get to decide how your browser looks and works.

To customize UI, go to Menu > View, then "Customize UI" interface will appear. There you can see all the UI elements that can be hidden or shown by simply toggling them on or off.

One more thing, skin system for MX5 is under development. We'll post official announcement once it's ready.

To make the mouse gestures catering to your habits, go to Settings > Gestures & Shortcuts > Mouse Gesture. There, you can not only change the color of the mouse gesture trail, you can also set and change actions for each mouse gesture.

As for extensions such as Adblock, Resource Sniffer, CPU Usage, Split Screen, Night Mode and Global Mute, they are all open to customization. You can go to Settings > Functions & Addons to enable or disable any of them.

With all the customization options, you can make MX5 the browser that works the way you want it to.

If you have further customization requests, come share with us at our official forum